Centrum Orląt

  • Location: Wrocław
  • Client: Adventum
  • Size: ca. 12,500 sqm
  • Type of Project: office property
  • Service Type: technical due diligence
  • Review of the documentation and advisory regarding key missing documents.
  • Review of all available operational permits and statutory approvals.
  • Review of current status with regard to building construction, internal and external finishes, technical installations and operation.
  • Non-intrusive site inspections.
  • Review of available project design and “as‑built” documentation.
  • Operational review regarding technical maintenance.
  • Additional visual inspection of the building service systems and installations, including connection to the city mains: water supply system, sanitary sewage system, rainwater drainage system; electrical HV/LV power supply, energy consumption measuring and power distribution.